TFT Woodexperts Diamond Mark Scheme – Test Certificate

TFT Woodexperts Diamond Mark Scheme - Test Certificate

PT Kutai/Hanson Plywood Ltd
Product name/ref. (if applicable):
SP101 Plywood for flooring overlayment and other non-structural purposes
Scheme Member Licence Number:
DM P52005 (PT Kutai); DM P52003 (Hanson Plywood Ltd)
Relevant standard/specification:
‘Model Specification for SP101 Plywood (Various Thicknesses)’; document ref. TFT/PLY/SP102/SPEC01
(Based on Contract Flooring Association (CFA) ‘Guidance Note: Plywood for Overlaying Suspended Floors’ Issue v1 July 2013)
During indicative batch testing, this product was found to comply with the appropriate standard/specification in respect of the following criteria:
– Deviation from nominal thickness: satisfactory as per CFA Guidance Note
– Density: satisfactory as per SP101 Model Specification (>300kg/m3)
– Layup faults – including core gaps, overlaps etc: satisfactory as per BS 1088-1:2003
– Face quality: satisfactory to Class I as per EN 635-2:1995
– Fibre adhesion in indicative glue bond testing: EN 314-2:1993 Class 3
Note: this product should satisfy the forthcoming Standard BS 8203:2017